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Meridian RV

Introducing Meridian RV
We are happy to announce that Meridian RV––recognized as Western Canada’s largest service centre and winner of the 2012 Canadian Dealer of the Year award for RV sales––will be offering rentals in 2016.

Our goal is to provide customers with a quality rental experience. Our staff members are highly motivated and always striving for excellence in customer service, with a personal touch that goes above and beyond. Quality still counts at Meridian RV! We offer the customer:
  •  Deluxe motorhomes with added extras––generators, back-up cameras, awnings ––available at no additional charge to the customer!
  • Customers booking transfers receive sightseeing at no additional charge upon request
  • Multilingual staff members with RV Industry experience
  • Quality convenience kits that provide customers with all the comforts of home
  • An extensive list of optional extras that includes hard-to-find items such as portable gas fire pits and ‘Zero Gravity’ sunloungers
Meridian RV is a third generation family-owned business founded originally as Meridian Mobile Manufacturing by Doug Ramsay Sr. and his two sons in 1967, later becoming Meridian RV in 1995. The Ramsay family still owns and operates the business out of two locations, one just minutes from Highway 1 on the Mary Hill Bypass in Port Coquitlam (Vancouver), and the other in 100 Mile House, at the junction of Highway 97 and Highway 24 (Central BC). For the 2016 rental season, we will be offering rentals out of our Port Coquitlam location.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Meridian RV insurance

Basic Insurance/Limited Risk ‘CDR’ Insurance
Meridian RV units are insured for $5,000,000 Third Party Liability coverage (public liability and collision). Premiums for this Basic Insurance are included in all rental rates with a deductible of $7,500 per occurrence. This deductible of $7,500 is further reduced by Limited Risk ‘CDR’ insurance, which is included in our nightly rates.

Cost to Renter (Included in nightly rate) (Included in nightly rate)
Security Deposit at Pick-Up $3750 $750
Deductible per Occurrence
Motor vehicle accident
Insurance valid only when accident occurs on signed and numbered road. Police report required. Personal injuries not covered.
$7500 $1500
Includes collision with animals. Insurance void if renter backs into or scrapes against another object. Personal injuries not covered.
$7500 $1500
Fire, Hail, Storm, Flood
Personal items/belongings not covered.
$7500 $1500
Vandalism, Hit and Run, Theft
Personal items/belongings not covered.
$7500 $1500
Windshield and Glass Damage $7500 $1500 (A-Class $2000)
Tire Damage
Only covered when damage result of accident.
$7500 $1500

In all situations below Meridian RV Insurance would be considered VOID and the renter responsible for 100% of costs incurred:
  • Hit and Run by the renter or additional drivers
  • Roof damage caused by careless handling of a unit (includes backing into objects and scraping against objects)
  • Undercarriage damage caused by careless handling of a unit (includes bottoming out going over speed bumps, sidewalks and other objects unit is unable to clear; includes damage caused by driving on gravel roads)
  • Interior damage
  • Awning damage
  • Negligent behavior resulting in damage to the unit (includes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, travel in restricted areas, towing of any kind, deliberate damage to the unit, or driving without a valid license)
  • Careless behavior resulting in damage to the unit (includes failure to maintain fluid levels, failure to use specified fuel, use of contaminated fuel, water in the fuel tank, failure to use the tow-haul feature when driving on steep hills, freezing of the vehicle’s water system in temperatures below zero)
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